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September 2010

u.s. air force monster truck

That’s your tax dollars at work my American friends. That’s a bit flippant really, I’d imagine something like this costs about the same amount as some of the huge bombs that get dropped, and it will probably work quite well as a marketing tool, and having something that looks like a gatling gun on the front to fire out t-shirts is pure badass. [via PCT]


All tees $12 at Busted Tees for 12 hours

by Andy on September 30, 2010

busted tees sale

Get on it, you have about 11 hours to go!

Busted Tees


beautiful decay coupon code

Beautiful/Decay have got a sale going on at the moment with up to 50% off items (we’re talking $10 tees, folks)… but if that isn’t enough to tempt you they’ve released a coupon code to knock another 25% off those prices. Sooo, using my not particularly amazing maths skills, if you take 50% off and then remove 25% from that are we looking at an overall saving of 62.5% of the original price? Sounds pretty good to me, and that B/D tee I got a couple of years ago still has an amazing print on it so clearly these tees are built to last. The magic coupon code is BD25W7U


rockwell typography t-shirt

I like this tee (hardly surprising, considering my font choice for the HYA navigation bar), but come on, upload a bigger pic!

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Reactor Factory


meat bun pixel art t-shirt

There are basically no words to describe this t-shirt, but if you’ve ever been to Japan you’ll probably look at it and think “yeah, that’s about right.”

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Meat Bun (weren’t they closed a short while back?)


space t-shirt

I don’t think it’s any secret that I feel Chop Shop have been flogging a not-quite-dead horse with their collage t-shirts, but I’m going to have to eat a hearty serving of humble pie this time around, which I’m cool with because if they make a good tee I’m willing to accept it (and I like pie!). The image represents 23 historic space missions, can you name them all? If you can, you are a massive nerd, and I salute you.

There’s also quite a cool charity tie-in with this tee:

If you buy a copy we will donate $5 of every purchase to The Planetary Society. The world’s largest space-interest group dedicated to inspiring the public with the adventure and mystery of space exploration. A non-governmental organization founded in 1980, who among its founders included Carl Sagan, the author of Cosmos. If you buy a copy with a membership (sorry, US residents only), we will register you as a new member for only an additional $25 (normally $37).

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Chop Shop (on pre-order, likely shipped Oct. 13th)


Fresh Orange by Defunkt

by Andy on September 29, 2010

defunkt orange t-shirt

I can’t really work out why I like this tee since it’s basically just an orange circle, but I do, simple is good sometimes.

Costiness=$29.99 Buy it at Defunkt (who have that awesome URL)

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free bird couture

Are you looking for something FRESH & POSITIVE in the midst of all the Chaos & Negativity in the world.
Are you a Free Spirit looking for something that suits your personality better?
Those are the reasons; Free Bird Couture was created.
Our clothing line is all about positivity and making the world a better place one step at a time. We post inspirational quotes daily on our facebook fan page.
Check it Out!
New Stuff Coming Soon:
Fall Bracelets, Flame-Less Candles, Pendants & Necklaces, and much more!

[Andy: We all know I love to pretend-hate hippies, but I actually find this female-only line quite refreshing in it’s hippie-but-not-too-hippie style, or perhaps I’m just being swayed by their happy models.

This post was submitted by Free Bird Couture.


“LA, I’m Yours” by Kitsune Noir for Poketo

by Andy on September 29, 2010

los angeles t-shirt

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t love Los Angeles when I visited, I got really burned on my first day there, we didn’t have a car to get around, and I broke my camera. I probably needed more time and less jetlag to like LA, however, this gorgeous t-shirt, I liked it the second I saw it.

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Poketo


Introducing Kleeve [Submitted Posts]

by Kleeve on September 29, 2010

kleeve t-shirts

Kleeve is a new tee label that just launched last week with four unique designs. One design features a cute axe-wielding tree character and another a collection of symbols and type from cassette tapes of the 70’s and 80’s. The concepts are pulled together with a clean, graphical style.

From their about page: “Kleeve was launched in the fall of 2010 as an effort by an interactive/graphic designer from Washington state to channel his compulsive doodling habits into something more productive and cohesive.” Definitely worth a look-see.

[Andy: I didn’t realise that these guys only launched last week because it feels like I’ve been meaning to write about them for ages, so I’m glad that they took the bull by the horns and introduced themselves. They’ve got quite a nice site and look like they’ve got all the angles covered so it’ll be interesting to see how they progress over the coming months.]

This post was submitted by Kleeve.


Teaser video for Electric Zombie F/W 2010 Line

by Andy on September 29, 2010

Electric Zombie Behind the Scenes Fall – Winter 2010 from adam elmakias on Vimeo.

The line doesn’t actually get released until 10/10/10 (I predict a lot of companies will be releasing things then), but Adam over at IATT posted about this cool teaser video they’ve made, and I thought I would too. If you aren’t too concerned about having the newest Electric Zombie gear possible there’s a sale going on in the store for most of their current items which you might want to check out.


breaking bricks hoodie threadless

I don’t think that this hoodie from Threadless is as capable of causing as many nerdgasms as the “Traditional Greeting” hoodie did a few weeks ago, but it definitely has it’s charm, and doesn’t identify the wearer as a Star Trek fan so it has a bit broader appeal. Also, it has a custom zipper pull in the form of a hand… outstanding!

It’s good seeing Threadless step up a bit with their hoodies, I sometimes feel with them that they don’t put the effort in with hoodies, t-shirts and hoodies sometimes need to be treated differently even when they’re using the same design, but I assume that having ‘Ziptember’ wasn’t just marketing BS, they were actually saving some really cool hoodies for September, and hopefully we’ll be seeing this level of quality from here on out.

Costiness=$40 Buy it at Threadless


angry spade grab bag

Angry Spade now has grab bag tees! We’ve decided to give you folks the to option to grab an Angry Spade shirt for just $9!

These shirts are chosen at random (in your size of course! Not to worry you won’t be getting THAT kind of surprise in the mail from us!) and sent out just like any of our other shirts. We also include free stickers and buttons!

You can’t go wrong with an Angry Spade shirt for only $9 and shipping starting at only $2.50 for the first item and just $0.25 for every item after that! (Shipping to US & Mexico is $10.88 and anywhere else is $12.78)

Grab yours now!

[Andy: Thanks for the submission!]

This post was submitted by Angry Spade.


tilteed t-shirt

Tilteed has recently added a new t-shirt design to their catalog this month! (M)anteater by Sven Palmowski (a.mar.illo) is a 5-color design full of pure awesomeness. Like the popular Internet meme, the anteater is in his signature stance. But instead of standing out in an open field, he’s in the middle of a city causing all sorts of crazy chaos. That, and he’s also at least 300 times bigger and much more violent. The manteater didn’t get its name from eating bugs, after all.

(M)anteater is available for pre-order at Tilteed for $12 until Noon PDT on Wednesday, 9/29. When the pre-order period ends, you can find this design in the catalog for $18.

[Andy: Thanks once again for the submission Bo! By now you guys should be well aware that I’m a fan of a.mar.illo and this shirt is a good example of why, the man knows how to produce a nice shirt. The leve lof detail in this design really helps to pull it together for me, and since Tilteed know what they’re doing when it comes to printing there’s no worries about them messing up with those 5 colours.

This post was submitted by Bo.


steveorama sale

You read it right and the best part is that all items are only $10 each! Buy direct from the artist and that’s $18 off the retail price (believe it or not). You can also get your shirt signed as an added bonus. Did I mention FREE shipping?!? Sweet deal right? Yup! Just read the product details for more info. Happy shopping!

[Andy: Steve has been featured on HYA numerous times before, but I had no idea he had his own store, check it out while tees are such a good deal!]

This post was submitted by SteveOramA.


“Fake Fur Coat” t-shirt by Gradiate

by Andy on September 28, 2010

fake fur coat t-shirt

I’m not necessarily entirely against people wearing fur (it would be a bit hypocritical since I wear leather shoes and eat meat), but I do like the idea behind this simple tee, that as long as you label something it becomes what it is labeled as. That may not be the concept, but that’s what I’ve taken away from this shirt.

Costiness=$6 Ladies can buy it at Supermarket

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star wars t-shirt

I am usually a fan of Yanmos’ work, especially anything he does that is inspired by Star Wars, but in this case I’m just not that excited by it. The actual image is pretty cool, but the concept doesn’t work for me, still, it’s not like I’m a huge StarWars fan so this could make perfect sense to people who know what they’re talking about.

Costiness=£16.79 Buy it at MySoti

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Red Leicester t-shirt for cheese fans

by Andy on September 28, 2010

red leicester t-shirt

When I started writing HYA I was a student at the University of Leicester, where the students union actually held a club night called Red Leicester* that had a Soviet theme so when I saw this tee I just had to post it.

Costiness=£12.50 Buy it at Balcony Shirts

*For anyone outside the UK (since the British don’t have a great reputation for cheese despite producing more varieties than the French), Red Leicester is a kind of cheese.

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Threadless NYC Pop-UP Shop Open This Week Only

by Andy on September 27, 2010

threadless pop up shop

I totally missed telling you guys about Threadless launching their book in Brooklyn last night, but there’s still a chance to check out their pop-up shop at 186 Orchard St. from now until Saturday (store open 12pm-8pm). There’s also events going on everyday so if you’re a Threadless fan then I’m sure you’ll want to go and have a look.


$6 tees at BadAsHell!

by Andy on September 27, 2010

badashell sale

Badashell are offering everything in their catalogue for $6 and $8, which is an at-cost clear out, and as such the designs and sizes are going fast. I do hope that this means it won’t be the end of BadAsHell Clothing because they put out some good designs and from what I hear the printing is top-notch, but if it is, some the designs are living on at MySoti, so whilst they aren’t quite as cheap, you can at least get hold of a design if you really want it.


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