LUVD make t-shirts that I… erm… like very much

by Andy on September 2, 2010


LUVD are one of the best new brands I’ve seen come along in a while. They have a style that I feel a lot of people are into at the moment, myself included, fiarly simple with interesting use of typography, with a slightly vintage look and not too many colours, most of which are complimentary rather than clashing. I like their website too, it has a slightly unusual layout that sets them apart from the norm, and they have lots of attractive models (so presumably they’ll end up here before too long). The initial selection of designs isn’t huge, but there’s more than enough to get me interested, and $22 will be removing from your wallet if you buy a tee or tank top, which is neither crazy-high, nor crazy-low.

Two thumbs up for LUVD!

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