Teenormous turns 2, does $800,000 in annual sales

by Andy on September 2, 2010

teenormous are way more popular than me

There seems to have been a bit of a theme over the past few weeks of me writing posts saying various brands and companies are having birthdays/anniversaries, I guess there is something about the Summer air that makes people want to start a business instead of relaxing in the sunshine.

Teenormous are no different, they sprang to life on August 28th 2008 back when there seemed to be a few t-shirt search engines starting up, and judging by their stats they haven’t looked back since. Over the past 12 months they’ve seen 2.5 million people pass through their virutal doors, and those people have taken in 12 million pageviews, and they’ve done $800,000 of sales through the merchants that are in their inventory of 140,000 t-shirts. That’s huge growth considering they did $400,000 last year and that figure alone blew me away. Those numbers are pretty amazing, looking at their site it isn’t all that flashy, but everything you want is there, and that’s probably why people keep going back and using the service.

Am I envious? Hell yes! But, I know they put a lot of work into Teenormous so they must be congratulated for becoming a real force in the t-shirt world. Well done guys!

  • http://teemagnet.com MJ

    Teenormous confuses me because although I know a lot of shirt buyers, I’ve never known anyone who used their site. Who are these 2.5 million people? This is just like when someone told me CBS’s NCIS is a top ten show.

  • http://teenormous.com Brian

    Thanks for the article/coverage! In case your readers want to read all
    the details, check out

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