Seventh.Ink’s Fall Line preview looks, welll… I’ll let you decide

by Andy on September 3, 2010

seventh ink t-shirts

I know that title might make you think that I’m not impressed with Seventh.Ink‘s fall line, but I like it, I justed to try and show some kind of objectivity with one of my advertisers. I would write about them whether they were or weren’t helping to keep the server running and the HYA jet filled with supermodels, but HYA is a shill-free zone, so with posts like this I would prefer to just give you the facts and let you make up your own mind. They are being quite ambitious though, the three designs you can see above are being made available (when the line is released on Monday) as tee, hoodies, and belts. Read more about the new line on their blog, and check out all the previews in the gallery.

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