Hunter S. Thompson T-shirt at LTD Tee

by Andy on September 8, 2010

hunter s thompson t-shirt

When I stayed in Las Vegas last year, being both cheap and wanting to recreate that road trip sense of adventure I avoided the ‘nice’ and ‘clean’ hotels of the strip and booked Circus Circus (after 3 months without earning any money, you may have done the same) because that’s where Hunter S. Thompson stayed, and I thought that it’s old-time Vegas style would be kind of cool. I was wrong, and I won’t take hotel recommedations from a high novelist ever again. I think the worst part of Circus Circus was that one day the hallway smelled okay, and the next it smelled of urine, and continued to for a couple of days. Oh, and someone stole the cap off the gas tank of our rental car, and the windows were filthy, and there was a pube on my pillow every night even though I removed it each day (I would have preferred a mint. I will say this though, their key-cards look cool, and it was cheap enough that we could splurge on some decent vodka and a proper trip around the Grand Canyon, which makes it all worth while.

Buy the tee, which is cool enough that I should have probably talked about it instead of urine-soaked hallways, at LTD Tee for $26.99 (it comes with the signed art print, sticker pack and custom box, remember), or save yourself 20% with the coupon code hideyourarms. The tee is on sale from now until September 12th (Sunday).

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