Preshrunk is for sale, someone should buy it

by Andy on September 8, 2010


I got word from Jason earlier this morning that he’s looking to sell Preshrunk. If you’re wondering what Preshrunk is/was, then clearly you weren’t looking at t-shirt blogs back in the day, and by back in the day I mean ’05/’06 because that is a long time ago in terms of the internet. Back when I was just starting out blogging about hoodies (with the occasional t-shirt, oh how things have changed), Jason was #1, and with good reason. He had good connections (he could follow the blog>get mentioned on Boing Boing>profit business model), he blogged regularly, he knows almost everything about the internet, and he was honest. I feel that there isn’t enough honesty in the tee blogging world, we’re all here to be friendly and write about shirts we like, but no one likes everything and I feel ‘we’ should be more vocal about the stuff we don’t like (including me, even if it gets bad reactions). I guess you could say Jason inspired me in that way, I took a lot of cues from what he was doing when I was starting out as a blogger.

However, loving t-shirts, and having time to write about them are very different things, and Mr. Cosper simply doesn’t have the time as far as I can tell, over the past couple of years Preshrunk has been very stop-start, with “hey, I’m back, for real this time…” posts every few months which were followed by a flurry of new posts, and then silence once more, it was a little sad really, which is why I think Jason is making the right decision by putting the site up for sale (a decision that’s probably influenced by his upcoming wedding). Currently there’s no set sale price, because how do you really value a blog? If you feel you can answer that question, and want to take on Preshrunk, drop Jason a tweet @boogah

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