Teejunkie Designer of the Year 2010

by Andy on September 13, 2010

teejunkie designer of the year

I was ready to rag on this as being just a way for Teejunkie to get lots of hits on their blog since they aren’t the most read or most frequently updated t-shirt blog out there (though I must admit they are at least posting quality), but I’m as guilty of that as anyone (possibly more so), and when I took a look at the list it’s pretty clear that they’ve done an awful lot of work putting this together and hunting for well-known and less well-known designers, and writing up bios for every single designer too. There is no prize to speak of beyond recognition from one’s peers, and it’s probably fairly likely that brand owners will see the artists and save a few names for their future releases, so hopefully more than just the winner will see a benefit of being voted Designer of the Year.

  • http://powerupapparel.com skatimmy737

    Wow. Those designs are awesome.

  • Jonesy22

    Love Teejunkie! Great competition with some new designers for me to get excited about. My money is on Nicolo Nimor though. :)

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