Cotton in Motion, because t-shirts are a serious business

by Andy on September 22, 2010

cotton in motion

HYA is meant to be fun, and not just because I’m a bit of a man-baby that is afraid of growing up, but because if I were to get into the nitty-gritty of t-shirt world I’d probably get really bitter and hate the world and this blog would be a sad place indeed. However, one person who seems to be able to handle that is Brad, the serial blogrepreneur that has setup Cotton In Motion (a play on Research In Motion?), a blog that aims to help t-shirt brands market themselves.

As far as I’m aware, Brad hasn’t had experienced marketing his own t-shirts, which I would assume a lot of people would see as a negative, and I’d tend to agree because it’s one thing to talk the talk, but if you’ve got nothing to show for it then why should I bother listening to you? Well, Brad also runs a t-shirt blog, and that does give him an awful lot of experience in terms of being marketed at by brands, so taking my own experiences, I’m sure he has had some of the same terrible approaches that I have had. Brad will guide you through how to approach bloggers (my tip, candy and a van with no windows), and how to market your t-shirts in other ways. If you’re starting out, or thinking of starting a t-shirt line it’s already a good resource and it’s only just launched.

I would quite like to see the site looking a bit more lively though and representative of the industry, it feels a bit too ‘businessy’ at the moment, which is strange because the writing is very accessible but the format looks a bit vanilla, hopefully it will develop a bit more personality and character as the site grows.

  • Brad Kelly

    Hey Andy, I appreciate the write-up and the constructive criticism. You are correct in that I do not have a t-shirt line of my own. I market t-shirts and other products through affiliate means and like you said, have seen good and bad approaches being pitched by brands.

    I also appreciate the kind words about the writing, and the feedback on the site design! Cheers!

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