Monster iD hoodies from Wrongwroks, like Nike iD, but with hoodies

by Andy on September 23, 2010

wrongwroks hoody worn by cute asian woman

Some of you may remember the Wrongwroks monster hoodies that were released about a year ago. They’re back, and in an interesting format. First, you choose the color of hoody that you would like, then you pick the color that you want the spikes on the hood to be (and the scratches across the chest) from a choice of 15 patterns and colours, then you put your name on it (or whatever you want, I presume). I know it’s a not a particularly new idea (hell, it’s called Monster iD for a reason), but I like that a smaller brand such as Wrongwroks are doing it. With this being Wrongwroks I was expecting the cost to be around $200, because they’re a streetwear label and that’s just how things are, but the customised hoodies are $115 which isn’t half bad really.

  • Adam

    $115 is not too bad, but probably still too much for me. There’s a nice one here in Germany called 2manycolours. Similar concept (cant add your name though), less monstery price wise its about the same.

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