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October 2010

fastwear sale

Hi there, i believe i’ve contacted you in the past and you’ve helped me out a lot by promoting me. I’m writing to you again now to mention that we are currently selling all of our tees for £5, regardless of designs.

Fastwear is a university run website, where all the designs are made by art students, all promotions are done via PR students, and the whole thing is run by me, a music student.

I hope you like what we’ve got and I look forward to hearing if you have put the store on your page for the public eye to see!


[Andy: To be honest, I can’t remember receiving an e-mail from Fastwear, I’m sure they sent it but I can often miss e-mails since even with this 10 post a day schedule I can barely keep up, but I am glad they sent in this submission since those are some seriously cheap tee, and ifyou’re into that kind of style then I’m sure you’ll be all over it.]

This post was submitted by Jonathan Sparkman.

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zombie t-shirt

Actually, it’s not just 20% off the zombie tee with the coupon code HALLOWEEN, but everything in the store, but on the spookiest weekend of the year (or the one where kids are most likely to be a-holes, your choice) what other tee would you buy from Mediocore?


mighty fine coupon code

The coupon code you’ll need to make your 20% saving at this pop-culture loving tee site is teeblitz, and the coupon code is valid from right now until Sunday night.

Mighty Fine

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seven deadly sins skull t-shirt

You might remember this shirt from earlier in the year when I posted it. You may be wondering why I’m posting the exact same design in the exact same colourway again several months on. Well, it’s a totally badass design to start with, so it’s good to get a refresher, and the guys from Chop Shop liked the design so much they picked it up and are now selling it too. The price has actually gone up by $3 from when the designer Joby Cummings was selling the shirt himself, but perhaps it’s a higher quality print/shirt, and maybe the shipping is less… meh, it’s only $3, I’m sure that if you want the tee that difference won’t stop you.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Chop Shop


miles to go halloween t-shirt

I probably shouldn’t be giving so much love to my tee blogging competitiors/compatriots, but when they do good work I feel like I should mention it, and I’m certainly not in much of a ghoulish mood, so I’ll leave the Halloween tee roundups to Adam from I Am The Trend, who has written up a short list of some cool horror shirts.

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dance party massacre artist series Dance Party Massacre released an artist series a couple of weeks ago that style wise is a real departure from their usual offerings, but that isn’t a bad thing because they’re using some different artists and trying something new, what would be the point of an aritst series that looked liked a regular DPM release?

The them is ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’, which is a bit of a classic, and it does fit with their overall ethos of horror themed designs. It’s an interesting idea getting some artists in to design a mini-collection based around a theme and I think they’ve pulled it off nicely, even though I don’t really understand how a monkey throwing a peace sign with his fingers represents ‘hear no evil’, but it’s a cool design so I’ll just run with it. They’re $27.95 a pop, although you can get a 3-pack of the designs for the cut-rate of $59.95 in the DPM store. The shirts are limited to a run of 50 pieces each, though at the time of writing I think there is still stock in all sizes.

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portal t-shirt

I’m not going to a Halloween party this year (I don’t think it’s as big of a deal here in the UK as it is to American folks) but if I were I think I’d attempt something along the lines of this since I love spending far, far too much time making fancy dress costumes. Famed hacker Ben Heck has created an outfit that is probably pretty simple compared to his other projects, a polo shirt with a portal (as in ‘the cake is a lie’ Portal) that makes it appears as if there is a hole in your body. In my head it would be fairly simple to build since it’s ‘just’ a camera and an LCD screen, but I’m sure it’s a lot more complicated that I would imagine. Are any of you guys going to Halloween parties, and if so, what will your costume be?


Halloween Hoodie Sale at

by Andy on October 29, 2010 coupon code

Our buddies over at have got a sale going on for halloween (with scaaaarily lowwww pricesssss… or a less lame description) that’s comes in the form of a coupon code that’s live from now until November 4th. The coupon code is, now go enjoy those savings!

Hey, aren’t you guys proud of me for posting more hoodies at the moment? It’s just like the good old days.


Magic hoodie by Human Empire

by Andy on October 29, 2010

magic hoodie by human empire

I don’t want to disappoint anyone too much, so I’ll say it right off the bat, this hoodie is only available in a size medium, and it’s half price so I presume it’s a clearance item. Still, that doesn’t stop it from being a real nice hoodie in a classic colourway.

Costiness=€30 Buy it at Human Empire


ISO50 fives

Looking at this tee I initially thought “that’s just (almost) fives lines in a rectangle on a tri-blend.” It’s a simple tee, but sometimes simple tees, when done well, can be some of my favourites to wear, and I think that this tee from ISO50 would be counted amongst them.

Costiness=$23 Buy it from ISO50


Death Before Dishonour are worth a look

by Andy on October 28, 2010

death before dishonour t-shirt Jesus, that title is so bad it actually depressed me, feel free to do better in the comments.

Death Before Dishonour, fresh off being given an English lesson by a blogger that’s constantly making mistakes, have released a new design that I can’t find anything wrong with!

The tee comes in at £25 whilst you’ll be dropping £42 for the sweatshirt version. Usually I’m not too into sweatshirts, but I think this design really works well with the garment.


New shirts at Poketo

by Andy on October 28, 2010

poketo apparel

Poketo, now there’s a brand that never fails to impress with their releases. [via T-shirts Around the Internet]


End of an era at Preshrunk

by Andy on October 28, 2010


I’m sure that most ‘new’ tee folk will wonder why I mention Preshrunk‘s every move (especially when there aren’t many moves to speak of), but considering Jason was one of the first guys to be a tee blogger I certainly owe a lot my ‘success’ to him. Yes, there were other people at that time, but none of them were as good, and none of them had as much soul, Jason spoke like an actual person, whereas I felt a lot of the other tee blogs just wanted to say “hey, this is awesome” and play at being blogger writing shirt puns at every opportunity.

Preshrunk was and is a very stop-start kind of blog after it’s first year, owing to Jason having an office job and personal life that took up a lot of his time, meaning tees got put on the back burner. It was because of that he put the site up for sale a couple of months ago, I don’t really know how you value a blog, especially one that hadn’t been updated for months at a time, but more than one person bid on it and Jason eventually found the right person to take over that the helm, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the new owner does and if they can restore the site to it’s former glory.

You’re always welcome to guest post on HYA Jason!

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beyond the moon typography t-shirt

It’s simple, it’s raw, it would look good with an outfit or on it’s own, good work PalmerCash!

Costiness=$24.97 Buy it at PalmerCash Mens/Womens


Two new character tees at Tolky Monkys

by Andy on October 28, 2010

tolky monkys character t-shirts

In the past I think I’ve said that Tolky Monkys are my favourite character-based t-shirt company in Spain, well, I’m going to stick my neck out and say that I now think they’re the best character-based t-shirt company in Spain, Portugal, Andorra AND Gibraltar, they’re really moving up in the world!

They’ve got a great style and I can’t see myself getting bored of it anytime soon, and €22 euros per tee is definitely acceptable.


30% off sale at Snakes & Suits

by Andy on October 28, 2010

snakes & suits coupon code

There really isn’t much more I can say that goes beyond what’s in the flyer above, although I’m sure you’d find a link to Snakes & Suits helpful.


Luke Skywalker thought he defeated the Empire when Darth Vader suddenly appeared in his time machine Delorean he stole from Doc Brown. He traveled back in time to prevent Luke from ever blowing up the Death Star.

[Andy: Thanks for the submission T-shirt Laundry!]

This post was submitted by Scott.


embrace imperfection t-shirt

Time for another edition of “Andy’s a prejudiced douchebag!” I got an e-mail from the guys behind Urban Sasquatch Clothing, and in it they mentioned that they had been selling shirts at local hardcore metal concerts. That set off a few alarm bells in my head, I’ve been to hardcore metal shows, and the first thing that jumps to mind isn’t people that appreciate a good t-shirt design, I almost deleted the e-mail right there and then, as part of my “be productive and get stuff done” morning, but curiosity got the better of me, since I enjoy laughing at bad tees too, and realised I’d made a grave error, because they’re nothing like I expected, and actually make some fine lookin’ tees (and $14.95 for an American Apparel tee is sweet too!). They do jump around a bit when it comes to styles, something which will probably be honed in future collections, but there’s no harm in trying different things, variety is the spice of life after all. I hope they work more on the style of the tee above though, it’s got a lot of good stuff going on.

Costiness=$14.95 Buy it at Urban Sasquatch (also available on black)


omgpop tees cute

You’d think that for someone that spends a large (possibly too large) proportion of their sat looking at two LCD screens I would know everything there is to know about the internet, and yet, somehow OMGPOP, their 6 million users, and being named as one of Time magazine’s top 50 websites of last year completely passed me by*. This is possibly because they weren’t a t-shirt company and it’s really rare that I play games online, but now I have no excuse because they’ve launched some really cute tees that I think are often based on characters from their games under the name of OMGPOP Tees (what else would it be?). I like the shirts and I have no idea what they mean, so I can only imagine that their fans are going crazy right now. They’re priced at $18-$20 and printed on American Apparel, which ticks a couple of boxes, and every pruchase comes with 15,000 coins that you can use on OMGPOP, which I can only presume ticks another box, if I only knew what these coins did.

* I’ve now looked at their about page, they were formerly called iminlikewithyou, which I’ve heard of, so…. I’m cool?


Massive 50% off sale at Be As You Are

by Andy on October 27, 2010

be as you are coupon code

Be As You Are don’t seem to be a particularly edgy or ‘cool’ company (judging by their design), but they do seem to be really, really nice, and have some fun wearable shirts (amongst other things). They’ve also got a huge coupon code for 50% off active at the moment, see I told you they were nice!


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