Is this the new Johnny Cupcakes store?

by Andy on October 12, 2010

johnny cupcakes london store?

When I was heading into London on the train last Monday evening after a day measuring and templating a kitchen for my other job, I realised I hadn’t arranged to meet anyone in town, and after a few fruitless calls and texts, I decided to let the HYA Facebook page decide where my evening was headed. One ‘liker’ said “go see the new Johnny Cupcakes store.” I was well aware that it hadn’t opened yet, but as I was wandering in that direction anyway I thought I might as well go to Carnaby Street just because I like it there and the shops are cool. The shops are cool, but I was a fool to think they’d be open at 8pm, still, it was nice looking in through the windows (as all shops on Carnaby Street have to have their lights on at night, though eco-friendly howies ® get around this by having a button on their door that lights up the shop for 30 seconds). There was only one unit on the street that was empty, and that got me thinking, is 22/23 Carnaby Street the adress for the new Johnny Cupcakes store?

I realise that an empty unit doesn’t necessarily mean that Johnny will be opening his store there, he could be taking over somewhere else in a few months, it’s nearly impossible to tell without confirmation from JC himself, but I am happy to wildly speculate until then, and this made me feel a bit like a journalist, which was fun.

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