Mumford is in ‘Season’ with a badass new t-shirt

by Andy on October 19, 2010

mumford seasons t-shirts Sometimes I wish that I liked gore shirts, just because I know how much talent there is in that pool, and because I know lot’s of people like them, but they just aren’t for me. It makes me feel as if I’m excluding a whole continent of the tee world just because I’m not that into when when HYA is about more than just what I like now. Dan Mumford is one of the reasons why I feel like this (and he’s not really a ‘gore’ artist, but I’m sure you see what I mean), clearly the man has a massive amount of talent, and I can appreciate that he’s ‘good’, but I can’t really see myself wearing either of these tees. If you can, you can buy them both from the Mumford Store for $18 a pop, and get 10% off with the coupon code SCARYDSC29.

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