Vote Yes on Proposition 19 t-shirt by NerdyShirts

by Andy on October 26, 2010

vote yes on prop 19

Let’s be honest, I have no right commenting on whether cannabis should be legalized in California, hell, I’ve been to Amsterdam twice and never partaken of a spliff or a brownie (though given the choice, baked goods would always win for me), but it seems to me that if it was legalized then it would take the market away from criminals, make it a lot less ‘sexy’ to smoke weed (non-legal things are a lot less interesting once they become legal), and they could even tax it, buh-bye deficit! There is of course a bad side to marijuana, such as addiction and believing that Cheech & Chong movies are funny (I’m so out of drug culture it took me a minute to think of that weak-ass reference). Still, I’d probably side with NerdyShirts that Prop 19 should be passed.

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