This Red Beer Cup t-shirt from Cougar Town, where can I buy it?

by Andy on October 27, 2010

red beer cup t-shirt cougar town

A dude from Greece (well I presume dude, Greek names can be tricky like that) dropped me an e-mail asking if I could help him track down the shirt worn by Travis(?) in Cougar Town series two episode five. My tee-fu failed me, so I’m throwing it open to the global collective hive mind* to hopefully find somewhere that it can be bought, or at least something similar. I assume that the red cup is a beer one that is ubiquitous at American parties, or at least ubiquitous at American parties in films.

* If you get the late-90s American sitcom I’m referencing with that phrase, wow, you watch a lot of TV.

  • Persephone

    so far I have this
    I saw that tshirt and wondered about it too

  • Persephone
  • Gabroll

    Well, Goodie has A shirt with the infamous red party cup on it, although it’s a little different than what you’ve posted.

    Anyway, if you or anyone else are interested in American movie teenage party vessels from which to drink Miller Light, then we have an option for you:

    Keepin’ It Classy Tee


  • PIVOVAR Alan

    You can find exactly the same shirt at American Outfitters.
    It’s in store now, I saw it yesterday.

  • Julie

    Would love to find this for a Christmas present. Was it in American Eagle Outfitters? I’m not seeing it on their website.

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