OMGPOPTees – This means something to a lot of people

by Andy on October 28, 2010

omgpop tees cute

You’d think that for someone that spends a large (possibly too large) proportion of their sat looking at two LCD screens I would know everything there is to know about the internet, and yet, somehow OMGPOP, their 6 million users, and being named as one of Time magazine’s top 50 websites of last year completely passed me by*. This is possibly because they weren’t a t-shirt company and it’s really rare that I play games online, but now I have no excuse because they’ve launched some really cute tees that I think are often based on characters from their games under the name of OMGPOP Tees (what else would it be?). I like the shirts and I have no idea what they mean, so I can only imagine that their fans are going crazy right now. They’re priced at $18-$20 and printed on American Apparel, which ticks a couple of boxes, and every pruchase comes with 15,000 coins that you can use on OMGPOP, which I can only presume ticks another box, if I only knew what these coins did.

* I’ve now looked at their about page, they were formerly called iminlikewithyou, which I’ve heard of, so…. I’m cool?

  • Liz Perlman

    Those are hot and different! Definitely the type of shirts where people say “where’d you get your shirt?!” Brilliant I know…

  • Cindy

    Cute shirts! The coins are for items in their games, like a fancier racing car.

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