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by Andy on November 1, 2010

bunker designs t-shirts

Bunker Designs are the only ever tee company I’ve heard of from Costa Rica, in fact they might be the only company I’ve heard of from Costa Rica. In the internet age it doesn’t really matter where a t-shirt comes from, whether it’s Coventry or Costa Rica they both end up at my door, but it certainly is a lot more fun when it comes from an exotic SouthCentral American country with cool stamps.

Bunker Designs have impressed me since they came on the scene sinply by having good designs from launch and keeping that momentum going by adding designs at a steady rate from their design competition. Regarding the design competition, there is no upfront prize which is a bit disappointing, but giving $5 to the artist on the sale of every tee is generous (does anyone know of a higher per sale commission for artists?), and feels to me as if that is a payout rate that they can sustain without putting themselves at too much risk, so they won’t come and go like so many other design competitions.

In reviews (and I really should do more of them), I’ve realised that me discussing the designs is fairly pointless, if you like the shirt, you’re going to like it, if you don’t, my opinion isn’t really going to sway you, so I should be focusing on the quality of the product at hand. Bunker don’t source their shirt blanks from one of the major brands like American Apparel, they have them custom made, and the cut is on the slim side to say the least. People say that AA runs slim, but I think Bunker’s tees run even slimmer than that and slightly shorter too. In fact, if you look at the size chart on the American Apparel site, and Bunker’s size chart you’ll find that their shirts are exactly one size smaller, so this is one of those cases when you should probably order a size up.

These aren’t actually the first tees that Bunker have sent me, I got one a few months back too, and the print has held up well on that after a few washes so just for a change I can give you a decent report on the longevity of a shirt. The print quality feels good, though as you can see on the Gandalf shirt there is a slight mottling to the print, there is a slight hint of brown to the white as if the ink isn’t thick enough, but of course if it was thicker it wouldn’t feel as good, and it looks perfectly fine as is. Also, the last shirt I was sent hasn’t shurnk, so it won’t be getting even smaller!

You can pick up GandALF and Star Catcher 2000 from Bunker Designs for $20 each.

  • Rufus

    Central America. Costa Rica is in Central America.

  • Andy

    You are correct, Sir, editing now.

  • skatimmy737

    Wow. Alf DOES look a lot like Gandalf.

  • jason james macmillan

    40 Thieves Apparel is the handy work of British designer and self-taught veteran graffiti artist turned graphic, textile and packaging designer, Jason Macmillan. Born and bred in the UK now currently living in Vietnam.

    Producing highly limited, premium quality, screen printed t-shirts & accessories runs of 50 ,100, 200 of each design no reprints , Macmillan knows exactly how to create interesting designs, especially as his background delves into him working with Addict Clothing Company (uk) on some collaboration projects last summer .
    ( More projects are planned with Addict & other labels for the future! )
    The ethos at Forty Thieves is: ‘Limited means limited.”

    Regards Jason J Macmillan

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