RIPT start offering hoodies, yeah!

by Andy on November 8, 2010

ript hoodies

Personally, I don’t feel that today’s RIPT design doesn’t really suit a hoodie, but I am all for them providing the daily releases on more than ‘just’ t-shirts. As you have probalby gathered from the image they’ll be printing the design onto the back of an American Apparel zip-up hoodie (since a front print would effect the design), for $38.

As we all know, I don’t pay much attention to the daily sites because 24-hour sales are hard for me to cover effectively, so my knowledge of RIPT is actually fairly limited, but from what I can tell the addition of hoodies (as well as kids sizes and onesies) isn’t the only thing happening there this week. They’ve just launched a redesign of the site (described by commenters as what would happen if DBH and TeeFury made sweet, sweet love), switched all their screenprinting over to Mammoth Print Shop (except for the kids stuff, which is DTG printed), and a couple of weeks ago they had their 500th design on the site, which is a pretty incredible feat in an era when 24-hour tee sites seem to not last much more than 24 hours. Now they they’re selling hoodies I might have to keep more of an eye on them!

  • Matt

    RIPT could do a lot better if they printed on better shirts. they’re printing on AA hoodies but they don’t even use AA tees…? unless something has changed recently. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the few ript shirts I’ve purchased.

  • Andy

    I think they’re still using Tultex for the tees, gotta be honest and say I don’t think I have much experience with that brand (that I know of), but I trust the work of Mammoth Print Shop through other reviewers, so hopefully you’d be happier next time around.

  • Matt

    the print quality was always good/decent, it’s more so the blank that disappointed me. with all the other sites using AA and Alstyle, a sub par blank like tultex just doesn’t fit or feel as nice.

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