Tees that please from Bang Bang Flip Graphics [Submitted Post]

by Denise Goins on November 10, 2010

Looking to find a t-shirt line that speaks from the modern women’s perspective? Do you yearn for a collection that’s full of oomph? bang! bang! flip graphic t-shirts was created by women and features t-shirts with today’s women in mind. You will discover fun designs in such categories as femme fatales, graffiti gourmet and flower power that pack a punch.

We post fun entries on our Facebook fan page from our blog, where we share exciting discoveries that spark great ideas for t-shirt design. Pop in and sneak a peek!

website: http://bangbangflipgraphics.spreadshirt.com

blog: http://bangbangflipgraphictshirts.com

facebook: bang! bang! flip graphic tee shirts

[Andy: I almost didn’t run this submission since it’s a Spreadshirt shop, but then I decided not to be so elitist and check them out. Here’s a problem I see in their store… 287 products, am I really expected to look at 12 pages to see what they have available? I realise that’s partially to do with the Spreadshirt cart system, but I think their offering needs pruning, every design doesn’t need to be offered in lots of garment options. Also, the blog doesn’t feel like it ties in enough with the store in terms of the look, it needs focus, and possibly a bit of a redesign because it looks a bit messy as is. They have got some decent product photos though (even if they might be mockups), perhaps they should try and showcase that more, to give people a better idea of what they’re buying.

This post was submitted by Denise Goins.

  • http://www.designjuices.co.uk/2010/08/tshirts-stores-facebook-fanpages/ jared thompson

    loving the first design of the three the most! Great designs.

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