How Black Friday is going down on HYA

by Andy on November 22, 2010

black friday

I’ve gone back and forth in my head about how to deal with the astounding amount of deals that are flying around the tee-world for Black Friday, whether I should make one massive post or lots of individual posts, and I’ve finally settled on lots of individual posts. I think that there are so many deals, that I would spend all week amending and updating that post, and every other post I made would be saying “I’ve updated the big list with this deal” which seems rather redundant. All sales posts will be tagged blackfriday2010, so if you miss one or want them all in one place, just search for that tag or click on it in a black Friday post.

This will mean A LOT of posts this week, hopefully you won’t think it’ll be overkill, but there’s a lot of news to be covered this week, and I intend to cover it. If you want to make sure your deal/sale/coupon gets blogged about submit it at this page.

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