HYA is nominated as the best t-shirt blog of 2010, why not vote for me?

by Andy on November 22, 2010

the cravats

I know it may not seem like it from the way I talk on here, but I’m actually fairly modest and rarely court attention, so when I found out that HYA had been nominated I was in three minds. 1, that’s cool. 2, aren’t competitions like this just a way for sites hosting the awards to get attention for themselves? 3, how come so few tee blogs are nominated?

If you look at the list at the Everyguyed ‘Cravats’ Awards in the shirt blog category, you’ll notice quite a few names missing, which feels like it would devalue the prize were I to win it, but still, I would like to win it, becausem well, who wants to be a loser?

HYA is currently winning the vote in the category (there’s an overall winner prize too, but I’m not willing to beg for votes that much, surely one reason why you might like this site is that I don’t usually go in for these shenanigans), but of course your votes would be much appreciated. The t-shirt blog category is at the bottom of the list. Of course, if you see that list (including a blog that barely posts anymore, and a blog that is just a linked feed of Cottonable) and decide you’d like to vote for someone else, that’s cool too.

  • http://www.yanmosdesign.com Yanmos

    Cool, voted. Good luck Andy!

  • http://www.ladyumbrella.com LadyUmbrella

    Voted, running away with it at this stage..good luck..

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