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December 2010

design by humans competition

Ladies, with a face like that can you believe I’m NOT single?

Here’s a quick competition to bring us through the new year that coincides with Design By Humans massive $12 sale (because it makes it cheaper for me to send the winner a tee!). I’ll will send 1 t-shirt of the winners choosing from the DBH catalogue, and all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your New Year’s Resolution is, and if you don’t have one make it up, because I’ll be picking the winner at random anyway.

I will be accepting entries up until midnight on Wednesday January 5th (GMT), and this competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world (as long as Design By Humans will ship a shirt to you). Multiple comments do NOT equal multiple entries into this competition, and please make sure you leave a comment with a valid e-mail address otherwise I cannot notify you in the event you are a winner. Winners must reply within 48 hours of notification telling me their address and what shirt they would like, otherwise I will pick a new winner.


HYA is the best t-shirt blog of 2010, yay!

by Andy on December 30, 2010

the cravats

You may remember me mentioning the voting for the Everyguyed Network’s ‘Cravat’ awards for several blogging categories, of which HYA was nominated for best t-shirt blog of 2010. Well, I won, with 42% of the vote in the category. It’s awfully nice to win something, though I must admit that the award does ring a bit hollow considering that there were some notable absentees from the list of nominees. Thank you very much to the 123 people that voted for Hide Your Arms, it’s very nice of you, it feels good to have my work recognised, especially when it’s by anonymous people, not just those who write e-mails saying they love my blog… and can I write something about their brand!

Personally, I don’t feel that HYA has been as good as it could be this year, it started out well with the redesign but since then I don’t feel I’ve been able to meet up with my own expectations of how the site should be growing. I feel that this is because of needing to spend time on my other job, which has a tendency to take precedent over HYA. Perhaps I’ve also been a bit too focused on my other websites (some of which are live, some of which are only alive in my head at the moment) when I should have been working hard on the site that I’ve spent almost 5 years building, instead of spreading myself out over ideas that I feel have a lot of potential but maybe just don’t have the time for at the moment.

I didn’t really want this post to turn into a retrospective of the year and how I’ve just been too damn busy, but the coming of a new year tends to make you think about the past, and also about the future, in which I hope to actually deliver on promises more often than I have this year. 2011 will mark HYAs 5th year of existence, which does make it rather old in internet years, but hopefully I’ll be able to inject some youthful vigour and deliver our best year so far.

As ever, thanks for reading, thanks for subscribing, thanks for buying tees, and thanks for sending in all the news tips.


Strictly speaking HYA is still on holiday, but there’s only so much Kinect that you can play before your arms are so sore you can barely hold them above your head. As you’d expect, there are some post Christmas sales going on around the internet at the moment and I thought I’d point you in their direction. Naturally, if I’ve missed something (I’ve been writing this whilst I wait for Half Life 2 to download, thanks Steam sale!), feel free to add your own sale in the comments for this post.

They’re calling it a clearance, but to be honest there aren’t a huge amount of tees in this Threadless sale, I think we’ve probably been treated too well over the year though with all the massive 10th anniversary sales. Still, it’s worth checking just in case there’s a shirt on sale that you’d been coveting for a while.

Now this is a proper sale from Design By Humans, everything in store is $12 until January 9th, get on it! (If you like them cheaper than $12, I’ll be having a DBH competition soon)

Seventh.Ink are having a massive 50% off sale for one day only (New Year’s Day) to thanks fans for liking them on Facebook. They recently held a challenge on Facebook, that if they got 3,000 people to like their page then they would hold a big sale, they got 3,000 and are sticking to their word. I’m not sure if the HYA coupon code (that you can find just underneath this post) will work on top of this sale, but it’s got to be worth trying.

Coty has done the thing I’m too lazy to do and put together a great roundup of T-shirt top 10s of the year, with some damn fine choices and a pretty good overview of the year in the world of t-shirts.

There’s 30% off at Miles to Go from now until New Years with the coupon code miles, which will take most of the tees down to $16 and lower.

Coupon code YEAREND will see a 20% discount applied to your order at CX.CITY from now until the day will all the ones in it.

My man Bobby over at Monstar dropped me a note to say that they’ve got 25% off their slip on shoes that are kinda like Toms and handmade in Argentina. They’re usually $30, but if you use the coupon code BRINGIT2011 you’ll pick them up for $22.50 a pair. The coupon is live until January 7th, and hopefully by then they’ll have added a few new items to the store as it is looking a bit bare with just one item in it.


LTD Tee returns this week with a new offering from Lunar, a Croatian graffiti artist. Lunar has painted, exhibited and publishing his works around the globe including Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Hanoi, Lisbon, London, New York, Paris, Saigon and Tokyo. His clients inclujde Playboy, Forbes, Nissan and Coca-Cola. Don’t forget to use code “LTDTee” to get 10% off your order!

Andy: Nothing like a submission to distract me from stuffing my face, playing Kinect, and trying to work out how to use my awesome new camera!

This post was submitted by LTD Tee.


itself. competition

Last week’s competition with Threadless went well, with more than 200 tweets mentioning the giveaway, so the clever folks over at itself. thought that it would be good to keep the festive cheer rolling at HYA by offering another prize to be given away to HYA’s Twitter followers, of which there are now more than 2000!

itself. are being really generous and will give two winners a t-shirt of their choosing from their catalogue of designs. There’s some really classy designs in their store, and I can vouch for the quality because they’ve sent me a tee quite recently that left me pretty impressed. All you have to do to enter the competition is follow @hideyourarms on Twitter (winners will be notified by DM, so you have to be following me to win), and tweet the following message:

Win a t-shirt from @hereitself! Follow @hideyourarms and RT to enter the competition! #hyaitself

Terms & Conditions:

  • Each time to tweet the above message you will receive one entry into the giveaway, but please do not spam your followers, we all know how annoying that is, I suggest that you don’t tweet the message more than once a day.
  • The competition is open from now until Friday December 26th at 23:59 (GMT), tweets after that time and date will not be counted.
  • The winner MUST be following @hideyourarms, I will be notifying the winner by DM, and if you aren’t following I can’t message you.
  • Following notification by DM, the winner has 3 days to reply, otherwise a new winner will be selected and the initial winner will have forfeited their prize.
  • The competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world that itself. will ship a package to, and that’s quite a lot of places!
  • I will randomly pick a winner from all the tweets using the service. Each entry/tweet will be assigned a number, and I will randomly generate a number to find the winner.
  • Each winner can choose one t-shirt from the itself. catalogue, no cash alternative will be provided.
  • I know I said last week “if you don’t tweet then wait for next week”, but I promise next week I’ll do a competition that doesn’t involve Twitter.


    12 days of tees at new standard clothing

    I just realised that I was meant to post about this deal last Monday, but fear not because you haven’t really missed out on anything as far as I’m aware. For 12 days New Standard Clothing having been adding a new tee for $15 (with free shipping) by some well known artists from the t-shirt world. Considering their their usual tees cost $25, it’s a really good deal. I’m fairly sure that the previous days tees are still available at $15, so there’s still time to pick up the shirts I should have been mentioning last week.


    sesame street fighter

    I got an e-mail from a guy named Matt about this design (and others mashing up Sesame Street & Street Fighter on RedBubble) and I was really excited as I clicked through, only to be somewhat disappointed with what I found. That isn’t to say these this design and others are bad, but the name “Sesame Street Fighter” conjures up images of 8-bit designs for me, and I think that style would be really well suited for this mashup, but then again I could be completely wrong, you guys might go nuts for these.

    Costiness=£11.84 Buy it at RedBubble


    Coupon code for 20% off at KrudMart

    by Andy on December 18, 2010

    krudmart coupon

    krudmart have an awful lot of nice stuff in their store, and I assume that you would find it quite a lot nicer with 20% off, so I’m going to give you that. The coupon code (I think they’re called promo codes in their checkout) HideYourArms will give you 20% off your order from now until the end of the year.

    However, when I opened up the Krudmart site to grab an image for this post, I noticed that the top entry on their blog was a coupon code (FRESH25) that will give you 25% off & free priority shipping, so feel free to use the special HYA one, but it makes a lot more sense to use the one on their front page (though it’s possible that 25% code will expire before the HYA one).


    johnny cupcakes hello kitty t-shirts

    People get addicted to buying EVERYTHING that Hello Kitty produce, and a slightly smaller amount of people will do practically anything to get their hands on the latest Johnny Cupcakes merchandise, so it’s hardly surprising that if you combine the two you end up with some t-shirts that look kinda cool (they aren’t amazing, but they’d definitely get a reaction from your non-tee-obsessed friends), which will probably have sold out by the timethis post goes live.

    Also, JC says that the Carnaby Street store in London should be opening March 12th, let the countdown begin!


    mustache cookie cutter

    I think this whole moustache trend might have gone too far, seeing as now you can bake cookie in the shape of a mustaches which will inevitably be used as photo-props for those lacking in a ‘manbar’, and as annoying crumbs amongst the bristly hairs for those that have invested the time in looking like Ron Burgundy. Who am I kidding, unusual cookie cutter shapes are cool, and using the cookies as props would jazz up any Facebook photo album.

    Costiness=$15 Buy it at Fuzzy Ink


    When it comes to typography apparel, few people do it better than Veer, but I suppose that’s probably got something to do with them selling fonts as well as putting them on tees. Type is their business, and clearly they know it well.

    From now until the end of the year, you can receive 10% off your order at Veer (providing you spend $100 or more) using the coupon code 2010VEER10. That doesn’t just about to their apparel offerings either, but also to their fonts and image stock.


    kiniking t-shirts

    Yes, I know that posting about a free shipping offer about 6 hours before it expires is a bit silly, but I only found out about it a few hours ago, and more than just letting you know about the free shipping I wanted to introduce you guys to Kiniking, who are a new-ish brand from Barcelona who have got some really nice tees in their catalogue, as well as those nifty hats that I’ve posted above. Their styles jump around a bit so it’s hard to pin them down to just one look, but everything I see in their shop looks good to me, so it’s all good. Tees come in at €21, which is pretty good by European standards.

    { 1 comment }

    karmaloop competition

    This is pretty huge, I know I don’t mention Karmaloop as much as back in the day (though I probably should, good clothes at good prices, and good service in my experience), this was too big of a competition not to mention, even if I am catching it a bit late.

    There’s actually several competitions going on at Karmaloop, mostly scavenger hunts, for Freeway’s beard, that dog, and that lady that seems to have forgotten half her clothing. I can’t actually find a page for the $5000 gift card giveaways, but I think that’s because as I write this it hasn’t actually been announced yet, though judging by their tweets I think it’s going to be another scavenger hunt. Keeping and eye on their Twitter feed is probably the best way to get the jump on the big prize, otherwise the other three scavenger hunts (and the daily draw from Def Jam) are already live.


    8 new tees and a 30% off sale at Gold Coin

    by Andy on December 17, 2010

    gold coin t-shirts

    Gold Coin certainly aren’t shy when it comes to their shirt designs, are they? There’s some really strong designs in this line-up, and to tempt you even more, if you use the coupon code XMAS at the checkout. That coupon will be live until the end of the day, which incidentally is the last point at which you can make an order that will arrive before Christmas.


    25% off hoodies and tees at KosherHam

    by Andy on December 17, 2010

    kosherham sale

    My knowledge of Judaism is pretty low, but why would KosherHam be having a Chrismas sale?*

    Still, never look a gift horse in the mouth, there’s 25% off all their tees and hoodies (knocking tees from $20 to $15) without the need for a coupon code, and I have no idea when the sale will end, so if you want it, get on it.

    * Possibly because not all their designs are Jewish, and who the hell said you got to decide who celebrates Christmas anyway, Andy?


    The Rat Pack by RubyRed

    by Andy on December 16, 2010

    rat pack las vegas t-shirt

    You know what brings out the rats in Las Vegas? Walking down the strip with someone that isn’t your girlfriend. Swarms of drunk guys with luminous drinks slung around their necks converge on you… and then, and I assume this happens to everyone, a midget arrives in a limo to try and convince you to go to a club. Vegas is weird. Pretty cool t-shirt though, I can’t decide whether I’d liked to see it coloured in, or if it would work better in monochrome, thoughts?

    Costiness=£16.16 Buy it at RedBubble (they’ve got a deal on at the moment for free shipping when you buy 4 tees)


    Coupon code for 18% off at OMUNKY

    by Andy on December 16, 2010

    omunky coupon code

    18% is rather a strange number for a discount, but I’m sure OMUNKY have their reasons, and with their newer designs being $22 you’re looking at a nice saving on their organic cotton tees (some older shirts are as low as $10 too).


    lady umbrella coupon code

    That infographic pretty much says it all, save 20% and get free stuff with your order at LadyUmbrella (the Irish and kinda Spanish store that sells lovely ladies t-shirts) by using the code GIFT20.



    The most-shocking style t-shirt of her Sacred Geometry collection and a limited edition sweatshirt to wear oversized. A perfect dark christmas gift for yourself or a loved one.

    Limited Edition Fractal Cross black sweatshirt with screenprint. Sweatshirt made out of cotton. Ribbed collar with elastan and embroided tag. Raglan Slevees.

    Dark and ethereal, SACRED GEOMETRY reminds of deep and hidden desires, dark reflective moonlandscapes and smoke. The new line of t-shirts is based on depurated geometry shaped screenprints and twisted collage works. The divine proportion, the fractal patterns, the structure of cosmos or the fibonnaci sequence inspire these mysterious prints.

    [Andy: It’s certainly different to most HYA submissions, but variety is the spice of life!]

    This post was submitted by Elena Gallen.


    Ugly Christmas T-shirts from Vardagen

    by Andy on December 16, 2010

    christmas sweater t-shirts

    I’ve never really been into the Christmas sweater ‘thing’, my girlfriend has one, but she suits it, and it’s not meant to ugly, it’s just kind-of alpine, whereas I think I’d just look dumb wearing a sweater with a couple of dancing reindeer stitched into the pattern…. however, an ironic t-shirt? Sign me up!

    The funny thing is, I think that by transitioning them away from a big sweater that Granny loves, they’ve actually produced something pretty cool that I would like to wear, rather than wear because it’s funny and ironic. That or I enjoy kitsch way too much nowadays.

    Costiness=$20 Buy it (and others like it) at Vardagen [thanks, Coty!]


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