“Le Magnifique” collection by Vaughn De Heart is really dark

by Andy on December 9, 2010

vaughn de heart hoodie

And by dark, I am clearly not talking about some gory designs, but rather that all the items in this collection are black (if you don’t look at the bits of white, of course) which is appropriate as it was released on Black Friday (remember that? Has your credit card recovered yet?). The interesting thing about this release from Vaughn de Heart is that in the collection there are 7 items, of which only 7 of each were printed, that is pretty limited, so I’m quite surprised that there are any pieces of this classy collection left, but they are still listed in the store, which may have something to do with the rather premium, though in no way extortionate, prices.

It looks like a really classy, high quality collection, so if you like the colour black and the number 7 you should probably check it out.

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