Review: Seventh.Ink’s “Santa’s Last Stand” t-shirt

by Andy on December 11, 2010

seventh ink review

The guys over at Seventh.Ink were kind enough to send over a tee for review, and it’s one of the most time appropriate tees I’ve ever got, since it’s all about Santa and some marauding snowmen. Most people have a Christmas sweater, but as you might imagine, that’s not really my style, so I am now the proud owner of a Christmas tee, which is probably what most people have in Australia (Christmas in Summer? You crazy Aussies).

Of course, the point of a review isn’t to help fill in all the micro-niches in my closet, it’s so I can let you know about the quality of the shirts on offer at Seventh.Ink. Really, my reviews shouldn’t even include my thoughts on the design (hint: badass) since that’s a personal opinion based on my personal tastes it shouldn’t make a difference to whether you pick up one of their shirts.

However, the quality of a t-shirt, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about that, seeing as I’ve got hundreds of them, and at one point when I was reviewing tees really regularly I was giving them a smell test. A smell test, I didn’t even know what I was checking for other than that tees straight out of the mailer smelled nice.

The shirt itself is an American Apparel Teal blank, I’m fairly sure that it’s an American Apparel 2001 shirt, for those of you that like to be specific. With it being American Apparel I’m pretty sure everyone visiting this site knows what they’re in for, fairly slim fit, fairly long, not boxy, soft, and an overall quality product.

I wear an XL because I like my shirts a little snug, and because of this I noticed that the large print on this shirt does make it feel a little bit more snug than usual, I think because the print stops the cotton from being able to stretch to my muscly, chiseled torso (note: only if it had been chiseled out of cream cheese, I wear an XL, remember?). It’s not an issue for me since the effect is minimal, and I would assume that after a few washes the print might soften up a bit and allow for more flex, but I’d like to stress how little of an issue it is.

In terms of print quality things are looking good, everything is lined up right and the print is soft, with vivid colours. I can’t comment on how well it will wash since I’ve only worn it once, but I get the feeling there’s nothing to worry about, with the print already being soft and not tick (in a good way) it’s not going to crack. The addition of the logo print on the arm surprised me, personally, I like it, but I know a few people out there don’t, it’s not particularly intrusive, and they’ve got a cool logo (which certainly softens the blow for people that don’t like that kind of thing).

The printed tag inside the shirt is a nice touch, I sometimes hear comments about how regular hang tags are itchy and scratch, I’ve literally never experienced that in my life, perhaps I have a very insensitive neck? Nevertheless, I still prefer a printed tag over a regular hang tag because it allows a company to give more information, like the way this one names the design and generally adds value to the product by making it look like they’ve really thought about the whole package. Speaking of the whole package, the tee came in a regular poly-mailer with a 7th Ink sticker on it, a sticker, a postcard with a 15% off coupon code on it, and a little note thanking me for reviewing the shirt, seriously, people thank me for receiving clothing, how awesome is my life?

The shirt costs $24 and is available from Seventh Ink, and if you want it before Christmas you’d better move fast!

  • Matt Johnson

    Thanks for the great review! :D

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    so cute,as good as play.:)
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  • Chelsea F

    Great review!
    I bought this shirt for my boyfriends birthday. He loves it! I’m super jealous. It looks amazing in person. I’m so glad that one of the available colors for this shirt was this blue, it just fits perfectly with the design.
    It in a was goes with my affinity for Calvin & Hobbes. (I know I have said that around 5 times, Mike) :-) I just have good memories years ago reading my fave C&H strips and drinking Hot Chocolate with Calvin putting snowmen in compromising positions. (Snow sharks anyone?) Of course this is more extreme, but it still connects me with C&H. <3 it!.. And the other 2 Seventh.Ink shirts we've got!

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