Ugly Christmas T-shirts from Vardagen

by Andy on December 16, 2010

christmas sweater t-shirts

I’ve never really been into the Christmas sweater ‘thing’, my girlfriend has one, but she suits it, and it’s not meant to ugly, it’s just kind-of alpine, whereas I think I’d just look dumb wearing a sweater with a couple of dancing reindeer stitched into the pattern…. however, an ironic t-shirt? Sign me up!

The funny thing is, I think that by transitioning them away from a big sweater that Granny loves, they’ve actually produced something pretty cool that I would like to wear, rather than wear because it’s funny and ironic. That or I enjoy kitsch way too much nowadays.

Costiness=$20 Buy it (and others like it) at Vardagen [thanks, Coty!]

  • Disapointed

    Wow, don’t order this. I just got mine in the mail and it has a large (3×3″) logo/advertisement on the back of it. It has a large logo and says “The original ugly christmas sweater t-shirt”.

    It’s ugly as sin and I feel that the wool was completely pulled over my eyes. I wouldn’t have ordered if they had a picture of the advert on the product page. I do notice that they’ve since added “logo on back” to the product page, which wasn’t there when I’d ordered.

  • Andy

    Sorry about that, I had no idea, what a strange thing for them to do.

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