Karmaloop are giving away 2 $5000 gift certificates, today!

by Andy on December 17, 2010

karmaloop competition

This is pretty huge, I know I don’t mention Karmaloop as much as back in the day (though I probably should, good clothes at good prices, and good service in my experience), this was too big of a competition not to mention, even if I am catching it a bit late.

There’s actually several competitions going on at Karmaloop, mostly scavenger hunts, for Freeway’s beard, that dog, and that lady that seems to have forgotten half her clothing. I can’t actually find a page for the $5000 gift card giveaways, but I think that’s because as I write this it hasn’t actually been announced yet, though judging by their tweets I think it’s going to be another scavenger hunt. Keeping and eye on their Twitter feed is probably the best way to get the jump on the big prize, otherwise the other three scavenger hunts (and the daily draw from Def Jam) are already live.

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