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by Andy on January 6, 2011

limerence photo t-shirt

It’s pretty rare that a t-shirt company stops me in my tracks (whatever that means, I sit at a desk about 10 hours a day), but Limerence did just that when I saw their designs. When I said a few posts back that I thought 2011 would be the year of the photo tee I was kind of joking, but just a few hours later my prophecy is coming true!*

Sure, they’ve got four shirts in the store, one is a logo shirt (a nice logo shirt, but still), and one is the name set onto photos which is cool though still a bit logo-y for my liking, but the other two are utterly stunning, I’m almost considering bookmarking the Addictive Love for a ‘best of 2011′ post that I will inevitably ‘forget’ to write next December when the lure of mince pies and mulled wine becomes too great. The shirts themselves are produced in the US, but I’m not sure what brand of blank is being used, I do know that the inks are eco-friendly though, so this shirt doesn’t melt the ice caps quite as much as many others do.

For a bit of background, Limerence is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is also known as where all those Amish folks come from. Doug, the guy behind Limerence sources all the material for his designs from vintage managzines like a 1950s copy of LIFE or his parents yearbooks, or newspaper clipping, basically anything from before 1974. I’m not really sure where that puts him in terms of copyright law and I’m not going to pretend to have any idea about that kind of thing, but hopefully the images have been manipulated enough for them to be okay in the eyes of the law. It’s funny how willing people are to accept possible copyright infringement when cool tees are involved!

Their website could do with a bit more to it though, it’s just a Big Cartel storefront at the moment. There’s not really anything wrong with that, but they’ve clearly done a photoshoot, and Doug can clearly write judging by the e-mail he sent me, so why not pad out the site a bit more?

*2011 will also be the year of me getting a Ferrari and penthouse apartment in New York, in that case.

  • jared thompson

    really love these designs, very strong. The first design is my favourite of the three showcased for sure.

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