Coty’s 365 days of t-shirts

by Andy on January 7, 2011

coty 365 t-shirts

The Hawaiian t-shirt posting tornado, Coty Gonzales, has set himself an almighty task for 2011, “365 days of t-shirts.” I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes, “but Andy, ya handsome devil, loads of people have worn a different t-shirt every day for a year, what makes Coty so special, and by the way, I like you new jumper.” Thanks imaginary person, it IS a nice jumper, but let’s focus here, Coty isn’t wearing a different t-shirt every day in 2011, he’s providing craft projects, tutorials, and other cool t-shirt related things every day for the whole year (though I think he may have already failed as he’s only holiday at the moment, hopefully he’ll be able to catch up). With the project he is hoping that at the end of the year he might be able to produce a book, wouldn’t that be cool!

Day 1 was the t-shirt journal you can see above that was inspired by Moleskine notebooks, day two was an Experimental Jetset parody wallpaper, on the third & fourth day Coty turned a t-shirt into a throw pillow (it was reposted exactly the same on day 3), and on the fifth he discussed categorizing on the blog.

Clearly, he’s not quite keeping up with the 365 element, but there is some cool stuff, and you can follow it all with the Project365 tag.

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