How to get more traffic to your t-shirt site (for free!)

by Andy on January 10, 2011

stumbling on wins

A few weeks ago my buddies over at Pop Culture Tees dropped a post that covers the basics of getting more traffic to your site, and we all know that traffic+good product=sales (I almost made that traffic=sales, but it doesn’t quite work that way), so I thought I’d share the article. I’ll summarise their thoughts:

1. Have a good website that doesn’t look shady.

2. Contribute to forums that relate to your niche.

3. Make sure you’re on Facebook and connecting with your fans.

4. Blog, and not just about your own product.

That’s me condensing the points down as small as possible, but I think it does pretty much cover what you should be doing when you’re starting out with your brand, but you should check out PCT for the full post anyway.

*BTW, I have no idea if the book Stumbling on Wins would actually be of any use to you trying to run a successful business, it’s a book about statistical analysis in sports, but I thought the title was rather appropriate for this post.

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