“Monopoly” a t-shirt for anti-capitalists at LTD Tee

by Andy on January 11, 2011

monopoly t-shirt by christopher dombres

Let’s not get into the irony of people selling t-shirts on an anti-capitalist theme, and me then posting about LTD Tee with an affiliate link, though to give LTDTee their due they have sold tees on this theme before so it isn’t entirely new for them, and I need affiliate links to maintain my lavish lifestyle, so we’re all good, right?

In fact, as part of LTD Tee’s agreement with the artist (Christopher Dombres) to sell the shirt this week, they’re giving away the high-res version of the design away as a free download to do with as you wish because this design is copyright free (though I feel that artist attribution would be nice). I think that the image would make a pretty sweet graffiti stencil.

Costiness=$26.99 (10% off with the coupon code hideyourarms) Buy it at LTD Tee

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