Brand New DBD Logo with changes [Submitted]

by DBD clothing on January 15, 2011

Here is the new DBD logo and for the first time ever printed onto black with white print. It is on a heavyweight set in sleeve sweat and heavyweight tee.
There have been so many requests for the logo as a white print on black and now I’m happy with it I have finally gotten round to it.
Here’s the changes that I have made:

1. Widened the head, he looked too wimpy before and after a few months it drove me crazy.
2. I have drawn much better swords and included the Hamon (the wavey cutting edge) I felt this to be an important detail for the route I wanted to take the brand.
3. Removed the under title and replaced it with DBD
4. Put more detail and better shaping into the helmet mascot.
5. Reshaped the helmet

Available now at


[Andy: I really liked the style of this submission, and it would be cool to see more people doing submissions like this where they critique and explain the design.]

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