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by Andy on January 17, 2011


I haven’t done a post like this in a little while, and as we’re at the beginning of a big week on HYA (5 year anniversary!) I thought I’d remind you of the many ways that you can get your fix of HYA goodness. Something I’ve been wondering about recently is why the site doesn’t get loads of comments despite having quite a lot of traffic, so in the future I’m going to be trying to encourage a bit more chatter on the site*, feel free to get involved and discuss the tees, hoodies and news that I post, if you don’t like something, let me know, and if you do like it, tell me why!

1. Visit the site directly! Old school, I know, but there is something nice about actually visiting a website every now and again and not relying entirely on Google Reader.

2. RSS! Even I subscribe to the HYA RSS feed, and I know what is going to be on the site before it’s published. Join 5000 other people and make sure you never miss a post.

3. E-mail Subscription! Not many of you have signed up for this (SHAME ON YOU!), but I think it’s pretty cool if you want to get every HYA post delivered to your inbox in a single e-mail at around 11pm (GMT). You get all the posts, all the pictures, all the fun of visiting HYA without the inconvenience of actually having to type in your browser.

4. Twitter! More than 2000 people now follow the HYA twitter feed (thank you!), but I am power mad and want even more of you to get the latest updates when a post is published on HYA, I share a deal or sale (that might not necessarily be blogged about on the main site), or mention how my brother, girlfriend, parents, or anyone in the world anywhere could beat me at Kinect. I have also been running a few Twitter only

5. Facebook! You guys haven’t quite toppled the 2000 fan mark on the HYA Facebook page, which may well just mean that there aren’t 2000 fans of HYA, but having 1800+ is pretty freakin’ sweet anyway. Of course, the Facebook page isn’t just for massaging my ego, I point out my favourite posts of the day/week (making it very useful for the casual HYA fan), and encourage brand owners (and everyone else) to post links and photos.

I’ve got some cool stuff planned for this week with it being the big anniversary celebration. I realise that this website turning 5 years old probably doesn’t mean much to you guys, but it is pretty special to me since I am *quite* involved with HYA and how it has effected the course of my life over the past few years, so I do intend to mark it with more than just a single “hey, isn’t that nice?” kind of post.

* I like nachos, do you?

  • bgtobe

    Good job on the site. Keep up the good work. I read the blog daily but i actually don’t post a lot at all. I think the reason is that a lot of the topics are more informational (for me at least) and not really asking for input from the reader. But I still enjoy reading it and will try to post when possible.

  • Andy

    Thanks bgtobe, I got the feeling that might be one of the reasons why people don’t comment, if I post a tee with “hey, it’s a cool tee” as the description what are you really gonna say? Thanks for the input!

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