Do you still wear Obama shirts?

by Andy on January 17, 2011

obama t-shirt

I pulled the above shirt (from Ban T-Shirts) from one of the many stacks of tees in my bedroom, and whilst this one is fairly subtle as far as Obama shirts go, it did get me thinking, do people still buy and wear Obama shirts?

As ever, I’ll make the usual disclaimer that a t-shirt blog isn’t really the best forum for discussion about politics or political figures, but it is a damn good place to talk about political t-shirts!

It’s fair to say that Obama’s first term in office hasn’t gone quite as he has planned, and that a lot of the people that were supporting him in the run-up to the election in 2008 (and bought t-shirts) have become somewhat disillusioned, so what has happened to all of those tees, do you see people wearing them out on the street? Are people still creating and buying Obama shirts?

  • Franko

    i still have my shirt, and while i don’t wear it, i won’t get rid of it, either. politically speaking, i’m not totally thrilled with everything his first 2 years have been, but i also understand that those of us who backed the president we are getting what we voted for — that is, someone who will work on both sides of the aisle when needed to get things progressing. we may not always be happy with his decisions, but that’s what compromising is all about. he has the hardest job in the world, and he is still inspiring to me in that regard. he proved it again to me with his speech in Tucson last week.

  • Dj Uoh

    I still have my, Obama t-shirt and keeping it.
    The 2008 election is one for the history books and this is a collectors item to me, regardless of what the general public makes him out to be. I commend him for being President and wouldn’t want to deal with a struggling economy, two wars and the tea party.

  • Matt Peterson

    I have my “One Bad Ass Mutha America” Obama shirt that I bought here but they seem to be stocking a lot more anti Obama t-shirts.

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