4th Amendment Wear – Sticking it to the TSA

by Andy on January 18, 2011

4th amendment t-shirt

Apparently, if you wear the shirt above when going through one of those machines that shows off your junk at American airports, then the message you can see on the shirt will also show up on the image that the person making sure you aren’t carrying anything dodgy can see. I must admit, I don’t really know if it works, in theory it does, the ink they use has metal in it, and the scanners are intended to show metal objects, but I haven’t seen any confirmation (I also haven’t heard of anything saying it won’t work, of course).

I still think it would take some mighty big balls to walk through the scanner wearing a shirt like this, from what I’ve read (which may have been a tad sensationalist), it feels as if the TSA will take just about anything as an opportunity to take you aside for a longer check and a t-shirt expressing your views may be enough to make your flying experience a bit less comfortable.

Costiness=$45 Buy it at 4th Amendment Wear (other items also available, such as bras, pants, even socks)

  • http://www.shirthunters.com Thomas
  • http://www.shirthunters.com Thomas


  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Oh well, still a nice idea. You don’t need to correct your English, Thomas, imagine if I tried to comment on your blog in German, it’d be terrible!

  • http://www.shirthunters.com Thomas

    :-) Thanks a lot, but this time it was just a typo :) (oh, yes, the idea is still nice!)

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