Hide Your Arms limited edition 5th anniversary posters!

by Andy on January 20, 2011

hideyourarms posters

This is a project I’ve been working on especially for the 5th anniversary, so there’s no better time to officially announce the “Hide Your Arms Limited Edition Poster Series” than today. Obviously there will be a ‘vanilla’ poster of the HYA logo, and those other two posters above have been created by the team over at Milk & Eggs Co. (they sent some others too but I thought I’d just share those for now because I haven’t decided which will be printed yet).

I really admire their work and was thrilled when they said they would participate in the series, and even happier when I saw the designs they produced. I will announce the other poster and it’s designer as soon as I have the design in my hands/inbox, and the posters will hopefully be on sale (with a couple going as comeptition prizes) within a couple of weeks. I haven’t quite decided on the amount of posters that I’m going to have printed, but it probably won’t be more than 100, but they will be legitimately limted editions (except for the regular logo poster), all numbered, and if I can get my signature to not look goofy I might even sign them too!

I am contemplating making this an ongoing series rather than just for the anniversary period, so if you can think of any designers you’d like to see involved let me know in the comments.

My apologies to this guy for stealing his poster mock, but the only other mockup kit I could find was by Go Media and I wasn’t prepared to drop $35 so I could do 3 mockups.

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