Hide Your Arms is releasing a hoodie, pick the design!

by Andy on January 20, 2011

hide your arms hoodie

As some of you on Facebook and Twitter will well be aware, I’m going to be releasing a Hide Your Arms hoodie soon, but as you will be the people buying it, I thought I’d let you help me decide which design to release. I know which design I’m leaning towards, but if there is a massive swing of support for one or the other I will follow the will of the masses. Please comment on this post for either hoodie A or hoodie B.

I apologise about the slightly dodgy mockups, but I think they do give you a good idea of what I’m aiming for. Also, in case anyone was going to mention that little rant I had about people not using product photos that were in colour, that actually is a colour photograph, but the snow has a tendency to make things look very black and white outside my house. If you’re worried about having that large amount of black print, don’t, I’ve found a printer I trust, and they’re going to be using water-based ink so you’re barely going to be able to tell that it’s there, and as it gets washed you’re going to have a beautiful vintage fade. The hoodie is going to come from Continental Clothing stock, it’s a really lovely hoodie, one of my favourites, it’s quite heavyweight, and it’s also quite a fashion fit but still forgiving, I think the best way I can describe it is that when I wear it I feel like I’m being lightly hugged. Unfortunately Continental only produce it in S-XL size ranges, which is a bit disappointing, but if you would like an XXL, I will provide with with the files you need to create one via Spreadshirt or any other POD of your choosing.

The front of the hoodie will be blank, although I am trying to source some “HYA blue” coloured laces for the drawstring, as that will provide a bit of contrast and something different from the norm. I think I might prefer it as a pullover hoodie, but if you really would prefer a zip-up please say so in the comments, as it might be possible for me to split the order a bit (perhaps I could do pre-orders for people that want a zip-up?).

Obviously, I want your feedback on this, because hopefully you’ll be the people wearing it, so be honest, and let me know what you think.

  • Ron


  • Andy


  • bgtobe

    Hey Andy,

    I like option B the best. I think i would also prefer a zip-up hoodie as opposed to a pullover. I don’t like having the comb my hair several times a day.


  • http://www.seibei.com David


  • http://www.spacepops.com Eliza


  • tim


  • http://www.shirthunters.com Thomas

    Definitely B!

  • http://www.ideaka.com chris

    B – and zip-up’s are much better than pullovers

  • Ernst

    B, zip-up

  • http://smart-tees.net Tom

    Clearly B and with Zip… The HYA blue for the laces is a good idea !!

  • http://www.teecopia.com Luke

    Option B looks great, definitely use that one. I think zip-ups would sell better than the pull-overs. Good luck!

  • Vinnie

    Definitely B.

  • http://www.kinkiking.com Kinkiking

    Option B too! :D

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