New at Threadless this week (24/01/11)

by Andy on January 26, 2011

threadless weekly roundup

Sorry this Threadless new tee roundup is a bit late, but as dedicated watchers of my Twitter feed will be aware, I was on delivery trip to the South on Monday & Tuesday in a van that was so noisy and bouncy the rental company actually gave me a discount, and my ears are still ringing from driving it!

Remember, until the end of the month you can get $5 off your order (providing you spend $25 or more) with the coupon code TEESINSPACE.

The Goodbye Shirt by Kacie Mills – When I saw the name and silhouettes I was expecting a depressing shirt about animals on the verge of extinction, but Kacie has actually taken things a much cuter and fun direction by riffing on that famously 80s/90s sounding phrase “In a while, crocodile” with various different animals.

Tropicalia by Matheus Lopes Castro – Not the kind of thing that I’d wear, but it’s certainly pretty.

Microwavolution by Wenceslao Almazan and Terry Fan – Really cool design, it’s a bit of a rarity to see an evolution design that’s original, and I’d know.

Cute Animals Smoking Cigarettes by Andy Gonsalves – The idea of using cartoon characters to advertise is abhorrent to us now, but of course back in 1960 The Flintstones used to advertise cigarettes, though only until Pebbles was ‘born’ in 1963, awww, those TV execs are alright!

Snowblower by Andy Wilhite – Do I like it? I love it! This kind of design really harks back to the earlier days of Threadless when there was the ‘Threadless style’.

Sightseeing by Lim Heng Swee – You can’t see the design too well in this product photo, but I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to post a photo like this!

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