How to Make it in America “NYC Eats It’s Young” t-shirt

by Andy on February 14, 2011

How to Make it in America

Dear HBO, if you’ve made a TV show in New York about a couple of guys trying to start their own clothing line, why not take a picture of one of them wearing the shirt that they’re selling in the damn show, when you’re selling it on your own damn site?

Oh, and don’t put your logo on the back of the shirt without mentioning it anywhere in the description. I thought you were meant to be cool, HBO?

Costiness=$24.99 Buy it at the HBO Shop

  • Rich

    Sweet Jesus. Can we please learn to use apostrophes correctly?! I would be supremely embarrassed to wear this shirt.

  • Chris

    @Rich: agreed. How many times would people point out that the slogan didn’t need an apostrophe? You’d get bored of saying, “Yeah, I know…” with a forced grin. How on earth did this shirt make it to production without one person at any point going, “Woah — are you sure that’s correct…?”?

  • Andy

    I looked at it wondering if it was right, it felt a bit wrong, but then I thought to myself “maybe the apostrophe is there because the young belong to NYC” and just ran with it presuming that they’d be right.

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