Cute Cat T-Shirts! [Submitted, obviously]

by Smultron on February 16, 2011



Cuteness and kawaii blogger Smultron has recently designed a line of cat t-shirts that is avalible at her store Hawaii Kawaii. Meow!

[Andy: I wonder what went through Smultron’s mind that they looked at their site, then looked at my site, and thought that the two site would have overlapping audiences, and therefore they should submit a post. The problem for me is though, the designs aren’t actually that bad, I would never wear them, but then again I’m probably not the target demographic, perhaps there are a couple of HYA fans that really, really love cats and will be interested in these tees.]

This post was submitted by Smultron.

  • jimiyo

    this post interests me!

  • Gabroll

    This however IS more like your target audience. Because cats. Obviously.

  • Smultron

    Ha ha ha… Thank you so much for the feature! I was thinking that a feature from a serious t-shirt blog might help my store to get a higher rank with Google searches containing the word t-shirt.
    Cheers from Sweden!

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