The Great HYA Facebook “Like Me! Like Me! Like Me!” Promotion!

by Andy on February 18, 2011

Like HYA on Facebook

I would like to thank you loyal HYA fans by offering you a coupon code for the HYA store, as I know most of you are American, and that the exchange rate is making it a bit of a tough ask for you to buy. However, I’d also like there to be more of you to thank, so I’ve come up with a slightly unusual promotion. Brands often celebrate getting a certain amount of fans on Facebook or Twitter by offering a coupon code to their fans, say if you had 1000 fans you’d give 10% off, 2000 fans 20% off. Of course, that’s too simple for me, so I’m going to let you guys decide how big you want the coupon code to be.

The more people ‘like’ Hide Your Arms on Facebook, the larger I will make the coupon code, for every 100 likes, the code will gain another 1% saving, up to a maximum or 30%. For example, at the time of writing the Hide Your Arms Facebook page has 1959 likes, so rounding up (because I’m nice like that), that is twenty hundreds, so the coupon code would be 20%, if 2500 of you like HYA the code will be 25%, 3000+ likes will result in a whopping 30% discount code.

You’ve got from now until this time next Friday (16:00GMT 25th February) to get your likes in and to suggest the page to friends (please don’t spam too much them though, I know how annoying that can be), and then I’ll setup the coupon code to be live all weekend long.

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