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by Andy on February 25, 2011

Hide Your Arms Space Invader

I have a problem when it comes to trying to raise the profile of Hide Your Arms. I don’t like spam, and I don’t want to spam you guys. I see brands talking about themselves 24/7 and it can get a little embarrassing, and I don’t want to be that, so when I launched the Facebook Likes Promotion last week I did it with some hesitation. I know this is the nature of the game, you have to tell people things repeatedly to perhaps get them to suggest Hide Your Arms to their friends on Facebook, but it’s not something I’m particularly comfortable with since I rarely do it myself, hell I don’t like to ask my own friends to like HYA on Facebook, so why should I expect people I don’t know to do it?

If you helped HYA gain some new fans I am very, very grateful, thank you for helping this site grow and reach more people, the bigger it gets, the more time I can afford to spend working on HYA and putting together those ridiculous lists that inevitably make the site crash. If you didn’t help by suggesting HYA to your friends, that’s cool too, like I said above, I understand, and I appreciate you taking the time to visit the site regularly.

So the promotion wasn’t hugely successful, though I was pretty proud that we broke the 2,000 likes barrier, it was sitting under that number which gave me the idea to even have this promo push, so at least we achieved that, and I was probably a bit deluded thinking that the amount of fans would jump up by hundreds simply because there aren’t that many fans, though if I keep coming up with articles like the Scott Pilgrim one earlier in the week then I’m sure that the fan base will grow.

Okay, enough teasing, I promised you a coupon code and that’s what I’m going to give you. Use the coupon code HYALOVESYOU to receive a 21% discount in the Hide Your Arms store on any of the items, hoodies, t-shirts (the stock is low though, remember), pin badges and stickers. This coupon code will be live until Sunday at midnight GMT… unless I forget to turn it off, in which it will be some random time after that.

I’m going to a medieval wedding this weekend (you read that right), and them I’m off on another work trip on Monday/Tuesday, so all orders placed using this coupon code in the Hide Your Arms store will be shipped out by 1st class Royal Mail on Wednesday. Next week I expect to finally have the 5th anniversary posters in the store, I did some test prints on a photocopier to test sizes, and even in terrible resolution and in grayscale print they looked good, so I can’t begin to imagine how mindblowingly nice the real thing will be!


    Plain Lazy Ink design love it. They also have different approach in terms of design. By the way I also have a funny tshirts website. Check it out.

  • FFee

    HYA Rocks always :)

    Love the invader by the way!

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