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March 2011

A Special 5th Anniversary HYA Pin Badge

by Andy on March 31, 2011

hide your arms pin badges

I needed to restock on HYA badges recently after someone in Germany picked up three sets, which is fairly unusual, and whilst I was stocking up again anyway (all orders in the HYA store receive a free button, remember) I thought I’d whip up something quick to recognise that this is HYA 5th year of operation. Looks good, no?

Pick up a set of badges in the HYA store, or if you make an order instead of getting a random one thrown in your order send me a message (can you leave notes at checkout on Big Cartel?) with your chosen colourway of badge and I’ll do my best to include it.


Australian label AFENDS recently dropped their Winter 2011 Collection titled ‘DESTINATION NOWHERE’, and they’ve sent HYPEMUCH down a box of t-shirts, hoodies and stickers from the new collection to giveaway to our readers.


[Andy: Thanks for the submission!]

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A Death Shred t-shirt sale?

by Andy on March 31, 2011

death shred t-shirt sale

I saw this post on Tee Gazette saying that there was a sale on t-shirts over at Death Shred and got a bit excited, but after clicking through I realised that the shirts on sale are actually from their old line (Dead, Serious!) before they switched to the new name for legal-ish reasons so they must be trying to clear out the old designs. Still, cool t-shirts that are cheap, can’t go wrong with that.


New at Split Reason

by Andy on March 31, 2011

new releases at splitreason

So that’s Mario, Star Wars, Tron, gaming, Tron & unicorns, pop culture t-shirt release accomplished, good job Split Reason!


lafraise free shipping

Basically, if you buy 2 regularly priced tees at laFraise you’ll be able to get free shipping. Use the coupon code LFPRINTEMPS (fun fact, ‘printemps’ means ‘Spring’ in French!) to receive the discount, but do it before Sunday at midnight (CET, presumably) as that is when the coupon expires.


Up to 80% off in the Alex & Chloe Sale

by Andy on March 31, 2011

alex & chloe sale

Alex & Chloe have some cool clothes, but their prices are pretty high ($48 for a tee?), so this sale is awfully welcome. Obviously not everything is hitting the dizzying heights of 80% off, the majority appear to be at 15% off, but there are some big bargains to be had if you look close enough.


our work is never done t-shirt

This shirt is only up for today on pre-order at $16, then it will be down for a couple of weeks until it goes on sale at full price (whatever that might be), so if you love it, best get buying right now.

Costiness=$16 Buy it at Awaken Clothing


johnny cupcakes london store grand opening

I know I’ve already shown you the Johnny Cupcakes London store grand opening in video thanks to Suck! Clothing, but it’s cool seeing these behind the scenes vids from Johnny (and his crew).

This video shows the build out of the store.

These are the Rube Goldberg-eqsue machines that Johnny had made.

This is the final part of Johnny’s video trilogy, the grand opening itself.


“Sculpture” t-shirt by Thoraxx Apparel

by Andy on March 31, 2011

sculpture t-shirt by thoraxx apparel

I am such a sucker for this style of design.

Costiness=£10 Buy it at Thoraxx Apparel


Uneetee’s $15 Spring Sale ends April 3rd

by Andy on March 31, 2011

uneetee sale

I feel a bit sorry for Uneetee, they’ve been in the design competition game for a long time yet rarely get the attention that they deserve (though clearly have a decent following otherwise they wouldn’t have been running for so long), and I’m as to blame for that as anyone since I’m well aware that they exist an produce decent tees. I’ll try and post about them more in the future, but hopefully this sale will expose Uneetee to a few new people.

They even have a few tees on sale every week that are $7, which is pretty sweet for cheap guys like me.


$8 shirts at Fistful Apparel, GET ON THIS!

by Andy on March 31, 2011

cheap t-shirts at fistful apparel

I don’t know when this sale started and I don’t know when it’s going to end, I just know that Fistful Apparel got t-shirts on sale for $8 and that’s pretty ridiculous.


a better tomorrow reprints

From these English eyes I must say that the German language does look a pretty funny, ‘jetzt’? How did someone throw those letters together and decide it was a word?

When people are speaking German though I rather like it, I feel like it’s an intelligent sounding language, though that’s probably just because I think people who can speak a 2nd language are smart (I really wish I could count myself amongst those people).

I don’t usually mention reprints, but this bunch from A Better Tomorrow are pretty freakin’ sweet, so why the hell not? Buy ‘em here.

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3D Tee’s [Submitted]

by HBWE on March 30, 2011

Check out this website !
A french group of 4 designers created a Tee Shirt with a 3D image… They sell the Tee with the 3D glasses…

Go check it out!!

[Andy: Check it out! Check it out! I think they want you to check it out!]

This post was submitted by HBWE.


The next Hide Your Arms t-shirt?

by Andy on March 30, 2011

hide your arms heather grey

Sorry to post about internal HYA business twice in a row, but I couldn’t hold this one in any longer. I’ve been thinking that since the HYA hoodies have been selling fairly well I might take the plunge and have the above mockup printed.

American Apparel Tri-blends are amongst my favourite t-shirt blanks, they’re super soft, wear well, last a long time without fading, and provide a great canvas overall for a print. I also really like the one-colour outline print on the HYA hoodies, so I thought I’d check out what it would look liked mocked onto a dark heather grey, and I think you’ll agrees that it looks pretty sweet.

I need your feedback if I’m going to print this, I might even do a pre-order sale (at a discount, of course), I want to know if I’ve used up the good will of readers supporting the site by buying t-shirts/hoodies/posters/pins/stickers or if you really do like the logo and actually want to buy it. At the time of writing the tee has 13 likes on Facebook, if lots more people were to ‘like’ it that would be a good indicator to me that people actually want it.

So yeah, gimme feedback, gimme your likes, and hopefully I’ll be able to release another tee and then think about what’s next as far as the HYA store is concerned.


HYA charity posters

To be completely honest, the response to my ‘buy a HYA poster and I’ll give 50% to the Red Cross‘ promo hasn’t been that spectacular, so either you guys don’t like the posters or you don’t like Japan, there’s literally no other way that the lack of sales can be interpreted.

I really appreciate the people that have picked up a poster or two, they’ve been sent all the way around the world which is very cool and the feedback I’ve been getting has been great, but of course I’d like to sell more of them and send a nice big donation to the Red Cross. I’m going to be running the charity drive until the end of March (hell, I’ll even make it midhnight PST so that it’s the end of March for just about everyone), so if you were at all considering getting a HYA poster, now is the time to do it, because you’ll be getting the poster and helping the people of Japan at the same time. Oh, and there’s the coupon code TWITTER that will give you 10% off anything in the HYA store too.


Buy 2 get 1 free at Thirtee

by Andy on March 30, 2011

gregg abbott on thirtee

I’ve mentioned Thirtee a bit more than I should over the past month, how often do I mentioned a brand three times in their first month of operation?

They’re coming to the end of their first month, which Greg Abbott was at the helm for, and they’ve come up with a rather interesting deal to encourage more orders. In the title you can see that it is a buy 2 get 1 free deal, but the interesting part is that when you buy two of the current tees, you’ll receive a random shirt from the next designer in residence, whoever that might be in April. Quite a cool idea I’d say, if you wanted to pick up two Abbott designs anyway, what have you got to lose?

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Squid Ink Kollective, makers of the infamous OMFG it’s a narwhal riding a segway! shirt has concocted a pretty sweet deal for their fans. It’s a $22 for $49 voucher which you purchase over at and then redeem at Squid Ink’s store on Etsy. Most of their designs involve animals and there’s also a section of handmade tea towels and bags.

The voucher is available for purchase today only, Wednesday March 30th.

[Andy: Interesting, I didn’t realise that the whole Groupon thing had reached the indie craft world yet, it can only be a short amount of time before someone does it for tees, I’m sure.]

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society losing focus t-shirt by freshjive

It’s a fair bet that Freshjive had much higher things in mind when they created this other than to make people like me look at it and go, “ooh, what a nice colourway.”

Costiness=$26 Buy it at Karmaloop


Paper Heart do their bit for Japan

by Andy on March 30, 2011

paper heart Japanese charity contributions

Our German chums over at Paper Heart are helping support the aid effort in Japan by donating all the proceeds from these two shirts (or possibly all their shirts, I don’t know if there are some translation issues) to charity. The cool thing is that the shirts look good anyway, so the charity aspect just makes you want them that little bit more.

They’re also doing the same with those buttons (limited to just 10 pieces), which are bigger than normal buttons, so you’re meant to create a Japanese flag on-the-fly by wearing it on a white t-shirt or something else white.


CTRL Clothing Spring Summer Collection

CTRL Clothing really run the gamut when it comes to the style of their goods, which means that when you look at their store there will almost definitely be a few items that you love, and almost definitely a few that you hate, but that’s okay because different people are allowed to like different things.

This Spring/Summer Collection is no different, personally I like the look of a lot of their hoodies, which makes sense since this was a hoodie blog back before people started throwing tees at me and I sold out.

Check out the lookbook, then check out the store (free shipping inside Europe, yay!).


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