TeeFury and Seibei get some prime TV time

by Andy on March 4, 2011

teefury on tv, big deal!

It’s cool seeing brands from the t-shirt community getting some exposure to a wider audience, even if that audience won’t necessarily know what they’re being exposed to.

I know I don’t mention TeeFury all that often, but even I recognise the two designs that turned up on House (another show that I’m told I should watch but have never seen a minute of) and on My Life As Liz, which is a show I’ve never seen before and don’t really have much intention of doing so.

30 Rock however, I am a big fan of, so it’s balls-out awesome that Judah Friedlander was spotted sporting one of Seibei‘s more iconic designs, the Sandwich Dinosaur. If my memory serves correct, David met Judah at some kind of festival, so perhaps that’s where the tee came from, or maybe David sent them a bunch of shirts, I don’t know but it’s seriously cool. In other Seibei news, you can now pick up a random mystery tee and 5 pins for the bargain price of $9.99.

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