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by Andy on March 9, 2011

illegal immigration t-shirt

I’ve always found it funny (in a “you’re an idiot” kind of way) that there are so many people in the US that are very proud of their ancestry being from Ireland or Scotland (though they’re rarely shouting about being English), yet they’re vehemently opposed to allowing immigrants into the country, and will happily spend money building a pointless fence to keep Mexicans from crossing their border so they can live glamourous life mowing lawns and cleaning.

Incidentally, under the terms of my visa for interning in Philadelphia back in 2009, it would be illegal for me to work in the US until the middle of next year, what’s the deal with that?

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  • http://pambamboo.posterous.com/ Pamela Daley

    Let’s see……..what could be the reason for this pig-headed thinking? Oh! I know: crazed, self-centered, materialism would be first.

    Also: “so they can live glamourous life mowing lawns and cleaning.” Which they hire MEXICANS to do for them!

    Fucking ass wipes – you should pardon the expression.

    End of rant.

  • http://indyfromaz.wordpress.com Indyfromaz

    Borders..schmorders…who cares!
    So what if Terrorists come across our border….who cares
    So what if drug dealers kill our citizens…who cares.
    What really matters is that any can come here at any time and do whatever they hell they want. We don’t care….
    And if we happen to get a few slaves (see mowing) in the deal so much the better!!

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