“Vegan Academy” t-shirt inspired by Scott Pilgrim

by Andy on March 9, 2011

vegan academy t-shirt

I bookmarked this tee when I was writing the Scott Pilgrim post that got loads of views and crashed the site for a couple of days, but as the shirt wasn’t in the film I didn’t want to put it in the post just for the sake of having more shirts in it. Of course the reference here is that Todd Ingram went away to Vegan Academy to master his vegan powers. Good, now no Scott Pilgrim superfans can go on about how I don’t check the references.

I can admire people for deciding to live a vegan lifestyle, as long as they aren’t all up in my business about it of course (you’ve made your choice, I’ve made mine), but I just love meat too much to even contemplate forgoing it, at least I don’t just eat any old crap, I really enjoy food and cooking, and we have pretty good standards for raising animals here in Cumbria.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at timeandspaceclothing’s Etsy Store

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