Mumford is back in ‘Season’!

by Andy on March 16, 2011

mumford clothing

I guess I’ve been on a bit of a horror kick at the moment judging by the past few posts. Don’t worry friends I’m still as chirpy as ever, it’s just one of those things, sometimes I’ll see lots of tees with kittens riding rainbows, and sometimes I’ll see lots of skulls being split in two by an axe made of thunder.

These two shirts by t-shirt design GOD Dan Mumford aren’t that hardcore when it comes to horror tees, so I don’t have to give you that usual line of “I wouldn’t wear it but I appreciate it” because I would wear these, the man has skills!

These shirts sold out when they were released a while back (I’m sure I wrote about them when they were released), but sold out in quite a short amount of time, so Mumford has done the smart thing and got them reprinted so that you can get them into your greedy little hands for a very reasonable $18 a piece at Mumford Clothing.

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