Renegade Craft is coming to London!

by Andy on March 16, 2011

renegade craft london

I have no idea if this news is old hat, but Fuzzy Ink told me on Twitter yesterday that Renegade Craft, the craft fair that is well established in many US cities and at which many HYA-loved brands trade at, is going to be popping over to merry old England in October!

I’ve always felt that Britain lacks a larger ‘name’ for craft shows. Yes, there a big craft shows, but they aren’t cool and they still have a reputation of being for old ladies that want to knit. If there are any cool craft shows out there, they’re small and they don’t market themselves well enough. Hopefully a show like this might be able to kickstart a few more small shows to happen around the country if it is successful. Writing this post has made me think, “hey, why I don’t stop moaning about it and do something” but let’s be honest, I’m good on promises and usually fairly poor on execution.

The show isn’t until October 8-9th (my birthday, a good time for a trip down to London perhaps?) and will be held in the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London. Trade applications are from July 1st to the 29th, so for a change I’m early in telling you guys something, but if you’re a brand that might want to trade at the show then you’ll probably appreciate having an early heads-up.

Renegade Craft London

  • Renegade Gang

    Thanks for the mention! We’re SO excited to be taking the fair to London! See you there.

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