A Bathing Ape “Rescue and Rebuild” Japanese Charity T-shirt

by Andy on March 18, 2011

a bathing ape charity t-shirt

There seems to be a bit of backlash amongst people (that I’m following on Twitter, at least) against buying things like posters and t-shirts which give a portion of their sales to charity to help with the massive devastation in Japan. I can see the point, why buy something when you could just give directly to a charity instead? Well, I used to think that until I started selling things myself, when I realised I should probably stop being so cynical and accept that people are just trying to do something nice. Almost universally the people selling ‘charity products’ have their hearts in the right place, and most of them tell you to give directly to a charity if you aren’t interested in their product anyway.

If anyone is justified in selling a t-shirt to help Japan it’s a Japanese brand like A Bathing Ape, who I usually don’t mention because their goods (whilst cool) are astoundingly popular, a random t-shirt I looked at on the EU store cost £70. Yes, £70. However, this “rescue and rebuild” t-shirt that they’ve just released actually bucks that trend, costing ‘just’ 3990 yen, which is about £30, downright reasonably by their standards!

I can’t read Japanese so I don’t really know what’s going on with this t-shirt, but it looks pretty cool, and it’ll be doing some good in the world, check it out here.

  • Matt

    Actually they have been taken over by a Hong Kong based company.They are not japanese at all anylonger.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Oh yes, I forgot about that, still, founded in Japan and big in Japan so they’re more than justified in releasing a tee.

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