“Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute” A T-shirt for Bruce Lee fans

by Andy on March 22, 2011

bruce lee t-shirt

I won’t pretend to understand this t-shirt, I don’t know a lot about martial arts master Bruce Lee except that he loved saying “Hi” to people, sometimes more than once. Apparently “Jun Fan Gung Hu Institute” was a martial arts school set up by Bruce in Seattle, and presumably Oakland and Los Angeles too. Not often you see something this cool as official merchandise (it’s straight from the Bruce Lee store).

Costiness=$32 Buy it at the Official Bruce Lee Store [via ATB]

  • Christopher

    I forgive your ignorance :)
    “Jun Fan” is Bruce Lee’s chinese birth name. “Gung Fu” is the chinese martial arts Bruce Lee practiced. Thus “Jun Fan Gung Fu” was Bruce Lee’s martial arts.

  • http://cuppa-t-shirts.co.nz/ tony

    Official merch is usually lame. Great to see the Bruce Lee Corporation stepping things up.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Thanks for clearing that up Christopher, really glad I didn’t try and make myself seem like an authority now, I just liked the tee!

    ‘Bruce Lee Martial Arts’ would have sounded like a much more pedestrian martial arts school, and I probably would have hated the shirt.

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