Mishka’s Spring Line is on sale ‘now’

by Andy on March 22, 2011

mishka spring line

This is yet another post that is well past it’s sell by date, but fortunately for us t-shirts aren’t milk so they don’t go rotten that quickly. You may have noticed I’m currently posting a new article every two hours, I’m trying to clear the backlog, but it is a huge backlog, the site probably won’t get more visitors because I’m posting more frequently, but I hate letting people down when they e-mail in. Hopefully it won’t be information overload for you all. Also, with more posts than usual on the site, hopefully that will mean more stuff you like and will share around, p-p-p-please!

Like I said, this is old news, so if you’re a Mishka NYC fan you’ll already be well aware that both half s of their Spring drop have now been released, but if you are saying to yourself “who the hell are Mishka NYC and why should I give a damn?” Then click through and check out the gallery because I assure you that you won’t leave disappointed.

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