All tees $10 at Dead & Alive

by Andy on March 22, 2011

dead & alive japan sale

I was looking at Dead & Alive’s store and for the life of me I couldn’t think what currency “SFr.” was, espeically since they’d advertised their sale as being $10 shirts and the tees were SFr. 10 as well. So I Googled it, of course, and quickly realised that it stand for Swiss Francs. I always forget that Switzerland isn’t in the euro-zone (though you can use Euros at Geneva airport), and I was under the impression that Swiss people usually referred to their currency as CHF? Not that any of this matters, their shirts are on sale for $10 and ‘all proceeds’ are going to charity to help Japan. I asked them how long the sale would be on for and the response was “until everything is sold out” which doesn’t really give a time indicator because I don’t know how popular these guys are, but if you see something you like just buy it instead of waiting.

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